Vivation- Latin root vivé (to fully embrace life) and "tion", process of. 

Vivation – the process of fully embracing the total human experience of life.

If you are ready to learn amazing tools to be autonomous in resolving your deep seated stresses reach out for a Vivation immersion. You will learn the step by step process to get out of your head, into your body and move through emotions (the whole spectrum!) with ease to find you own bliss!

Vivation is a physically pleasurable skill you can learn to permanently resolve any kind of negative emotion, stress, or trauma.

Created by Jim Leonard in 1979, Vivation is based on the premise of any feeling, whether physical sensations or emotions, can be resolved at the physically felt level within the body.  Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced the benefits of Vivation, which include radically reduced stress, improved relationships, increased self-awareness, and a greater sense of well-being. Vivation is a safe, gentle way to resolve emotional charged situations in one life. It can be used by anyone who is seeking to improve their mental wellbeing.

Drawing on pranayama–an ancient science focused on harnessing the power of breath, Vivation consists of Five Elements: Circular Breathing, Complete Relaxation, Awareness in Detail, Integration Into Ecstasy, and Do Whatever You Do, Willingness is Enough. Vivation is a powerful tool to help you unleash your full potential. 

You will be surprised at how transformative the power of breath can be when you allow yourself to dive in!

Imagine feeling emotionally free – able to experience happiness and wellbeing regardless of your external circumstances and other intense emotions within your body. This is the power of Vivation breathwork.

It's all about autonomy! My goal is for you to use this skill to facilitate this emotional freedom. Vivation's primary ethic is your body is your guru. Vivation gives you the ability to shift your state anytime and anywhere you need.