Soul Session

Each session runs for the length of time needed. We connect over the phone or through the Signal app. We will typically make it through 5 to 7 questions. Through my journey I have found it helpful to ask specific questions because when you ask vague questions typically the answer is vague as well.

>    $225

Mini Soul Session

We will enter the space with the intention of asking between 1 to 3 questions in a limited time frame of 60 mins. Sometimes while you already know the answer if can be heartening to have reassurance in the direction you are headed.  Transcription is available for an additional fee.

>   $90


A lot of content comes through during a session, so this options allows you to enjoy the flow of the session without the stress of copious amounts of notes. There can be new insights found by reading the content!

>  $60

*After 60 mins transcription rate is $1.00 per min

90 min Reiki Session

During our 90 mins together we will delve in to what may be stagnant in your body or energetic field to move it along. During the process there is always an invitation of clearing out space to bring in more grace, ease and joy to this embodied life. 


Individual BeFree Breathwork

During our 2.5 hours together you will create intention(s), delve into your inner wisdom through the use of circular breathing to powerful music. Afterwards you will have time to get the experience out on paper in a creative way. Once you are ready we will process through your experience before closing the container. We can meet in person or through Zoom.

> $225

Group BeFree Breathwork

During our 3.5 hour time together the group will delve into their inner wisdom through the use of circular breathing to powerful music after a we create a container for the mini-retreat. When the breathing portion concludes everyone is invited to capture their experience through art or journaling to be shared during the closing circle.

> Price dependent on group size 

Individual Vivation Package

I will walk you through the Seven Basic Lesson of Vivation either in 2 hour blocks  for 7 weeks or over a 2 day weekend retreat. 

> $1,260

Group Vivation Package

We will spend our time time together walking through the Seven Basic Lesson of Vivation either in 2 hour blocks for 7 weeks or over a 2.5 day weekend retreat.

> > Price dependent on group size

Follow up Vivation Sessions

Even after learning the Seven Basic Lessons it can help to have someone guide you through the process if you find yourself tapping out of one of the Five Elements. I will guide you through a 60 min Vivation session. 

> $90