Frequently Asked Questions

If you have another burning question reach out!

How do I pay you?

Cash, Venmo (aubreyblisschanneled) or checks. If you need to mail a payment you can send it to:

PO Box 66, Livermore, CO 80536

If you need to utilize a sliding scale or are interested in trading for services do not hesitate to reach out to me. 

How long is a session?

They vary from one to three hours depending on how much information is able to be assimilated. I allow the channel to remain open as long as the cosmic group desires.

What if I have fear around hearing something I am not ready for?

All the information is for you highest benefit and the highest benefit of those connected to you. While there may be much information flowing it will only be what you are ready to hear in the moment.

Can I ask any question I want?

Of course! It is your time and your team, so you have the freedom to ask any questions. However, they may not answer. They have been known to remind my clients they are not fortune tellers, only purveyors of probabilities. We, as humans, have a great privilege and responsibility to experience embodiment through our choices.

What is the difference between trance channeling or conscious (cognitive) channeling?

When I enter into a Soul Session the consciousness which is "Aubrey" steps aside to allow information to flow beyond my personal knowledge. While we are in the session the analogy I often use is to think of a stage. The microphone in the middle of the stage is available to whichever of your being(s) decides to step up to answer. {We set clear intentions at the onset to only bring in knowledge keepers of the highest frequency, truth and benefit for your life}  Meanwhile, my consciousness is hanging out backstage chatting with the other beings waiting in the wings. 

Who is talking?

This answer changes for each session. Even when I have read for the same person multiple times different energies show up during different questions.

"We are like the waves of an ocean. We ebb and flow amongst one another lapping at the shoreline, bringing with us information and treasures from the deep while taking back, smoothing, cleaning and cleansing the sand as we retreat."    -from a channeled session

What does a session look like?

You will call me at your scheduled time.

We will have a short conversation before I lead us through an energy connection visualization. Once I become acclimated or acquainted with your group's energy signature they will hop in the conversation. From this point on your team within the Akasha will run the show. When they feel it is time to close they will inform you before flowing out of my being. As I return to my being I disengage from your sacred space with a closing blessing and we each reconnect to the present. 

Afterwards, if you have any follow-up questions for me, as Aubrey Bliss, we will discuss those topics.

Why do you offer transcripts?

Reading the information can be helpful later. Personally, I have found my mind grabbed onto an idea and re-listening cemented to idea; however, as I read the content I personally have found benefit in the ability to break down an idea or concept to view it on its own instead of within the whole. 

I do not do the transcription myself. I have been blessed to find amazing local ladies who have offered their typing abilities to support my work. I do read over the transcripts to your session to be sure the energetic imprint is intact in the information.

Are you a physic?

No more than you are! 

Is this against Christianity?


Is this religious?

No, it is spiritual in the sense we are connecting to your spirit. This connection has many facets; however, for me when I am in Soul Session I feel like I am home. This feeling is the same I feel when everyone at church sings the Doxology together or when singing Mother I Feel You Under My Feet at herbal retreats or workshops. 

As many people wonder what to ask or how to create questions here is a little advice

When entering into a Soul Session please remember it is best to be asking what, why, how questions. Should/ could and yes/ no questions are best left to other sources. 

Here is an example dialogue of a should question:

"Should I move to a new home?"      

Response- "We would never take away your options, we would never take away your ability to make choices. Should implies you do not want to make a choice in your life. Should implies you are not willing to allow yourself to be your own person. We would recommend you think again about where you want to be and what you want to be doing."

Instead if you ask one of the following questions: 

"By living in my condo next to a person I disagree with often what lesson is being offered to me?"
"What am I not able to see in my living situation?"
"When I am in my home I never fully feel relaxed. How am I able to shift my perception around my home and neighbors to feel peaceful"
"I am currently unhappy living in my condo. As I look at other locations to live I am worried I will only recreate my current unhappiness. What are steps I can take to ensure my new home will bring me joy."

Response- You are more likely to get the following response to any of the above questions: "There is a thought in the human mind where you are not able to control your surroundings. Your external surroundings are things which impact your internal field. However, to truly embrace your human potential you are able to shift how you allow things to penetrate your energy field. What do we mean by this? This is to say that if you chose to you are able to set the intention to have a peaceful relationship with this neighbor. You are able to if you chose go to this person not necessarily in the physical form you are now. Instead go to them in your mind's eye and have a conversation with them. In this conversation you're able to share with them why there is this construct of animosity between the two of you. When you are in this non-physical space having this conversation you will be able to have a new understanding of their past in this life and why growing up they struggled to feel wanted and why as they grew up they felt that they were attacked. No matter how kind you are they will view it in their own lens this is not your responsibility- this is not their struggle you need to take on. Instead you are able to create in your mind's eye in your physical space a barrier a wall which does not allow their energy to pass through and into you or your space. This can be done easily this can be done quickly you can simply sit down along the east wall that you share- your common wall and you can visualize you have put up great big huge iron walls these iron walls can actually be quite beautiful they can have intricate metal work done to them they can have copper veining to enhance the etched pictures of whatever you choose You can have a beautiful lake with trees and a sunset put into this wall then you can take beautiful colors and use them to be painted over this wall but the idea is you picture in your mind an impenetrable wall that is for them to stay on their side and you to be on your side and you can make the choice when you see them in the common areas or if you see their car parked in the parking lot to think about that person and to say to yourself they are doing the best they can with the life they are living. You are going to do the best you can with the life you are living. However, there is also the option for you that if you wanted to move somewhere else you could find a new home where when you walk in you feel at ease you feel at peace and you enjoy yourself. If this were the case for you to make that type of choice you would want to feel into a space before you signed a lease. You would want to feel into the space and when you find a space you love and you move into that space then what you will want to do is make it your own. You will want to visualize it as an island surrounded by water before you even move in this will allow you to go with the flow you will not need to be concerned about the neighbors because you will have already structured your setting in your mind's eye to be one of security and peacefulness.

 This was a channeled message I transcribed after I explained to my cosmic team I wanted website content to better explain the process.