It is always a blessing to share in a person's sacred space be it in the Akasha or the Breathwork container. I am humbled by the power of knowledge.


Aubrey is the real deal. Her abilities to tap into the Aksashic records and be the direct bridge between you and the guiding wisdom of ascended spiritual beings is indispensably valuable. I have had many experiences getting readings with people with clairvoyant gifts, and my default mode going in is always skepticism. Aubrey and the spirit guides she channels blew the doors right down on my personal akashic space, gently and quickly quelling any doubts I may have had. She channeled information on things about me that I’ve never told anyone, and adroitly illuminated insight and hope on my life path and healing journey. Her reading was thorough and unrushed. She took all the time that was needed, and left no stone unturned, giving me ample opportunity to ask questions, all the while bringing a soft and thrumming transcendent energy into my consciousness that felt incredibly healing in and of itself. Aubrey by herself is a wellspring of wisdom, but once she teams up with the sacred teachers of the spirit realm, she’s a mystifying powerhouse. 

J.S. (LoveHEALRepeat)


My akashic session brought me a lot of relief. To be able to feel the love and presence of my loved ones and hear what they had to share with me brought so much love into my heart! I feel Aubrey does an amazing job at being a fully open channel.

The reading was done outside by her pond. The way nature interacted with the reading was really interesting.

The reading was insightful and full of wisdom that will carry me for many days to come.

This really helped bring me into alignment. So many seeds have been planted. And I have a deep knowing that my tribe is always with me.

Thank you Aubrey!! For the reading and so much more!!

I appreciate you so much Sister!!! 


I have experienced two readings from Aubrey at this point, and they were the most informative, insightful, hilarious, loving, and validating of any I have experienced before. Aubrey's ability to channel the voices of my Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones from the Akashic Records is nothing short of fascinating! My people are SO FUNNY, and of course they are... they're my people! I highly recommend recording the session because the download of information is so much more substantial than my note-taking skills can handle. I continue to listen to our latest session over and over again and always come away with some new insight. I am thankful every day for the absolute gift that Aubrey is. I would recommend her forever! 


My session with Aubrey was very informative! This was my first reading and I'll definitely be contacting her for another. I gained so much clarity from the reading and am excited to implement what I've learned! I highly recommend Aubrey to anyone who's even slightly interested in a reading.


My Akashic session with Aubrey was beyond amazing! This was my first Akashic records reading and I was worried about connecting and everything flowing freely, but Aubrey's process and guidance really made it easy and comfortable. The reading really helped give me perspectives I had struggled with for a long time!! I intend to have her read for me again and would highly recommend her for anyone!


My session with Aubrey was extremely insightful and healing. I've had many readings and hers was by far my favorite. Prior to the reading, I had been going through some dark patches in my spiritual awakening. There's no doubt that so much healing took place during our session because I feel so much lighter in the weeks following. I gained so much clarity about my current path and life in general. I 100% recommend Aubrey! You won't regret it 


Manager / Company

My biggest hesitation in setting up the session was the unknown. What if I learned something distressing or that I wasn't ready to hear? What if it was awkward? What if it didn't work? But these concerns turned out to be wholly unwarranted. After my session, I believe (Aubrey will correct me if I am wrong here), that you likely will not be receiving information that would be distressing to you or that you are not prepared to hear. There seemed to be a lot of sensitivity in how topics are approached and information is delivered to maximize the potential benefit for the person receiving the information.

During the session Aubrey put me at ease. I was completely comfortable and because she had given me some suggestions about how to manage the information I would be receiving I was able to relax and really listen instead of frantically trying to take notes to remember everything.

Most noteworthy for me was learning one of my true purposes - it was not at all what I expected and I would have, likely, never realized this on my own because it seemed so simple and basic to me. Having this information has allowed me to really reevaluate how much time and energy I am devoting to different aspects of my life on an ongoing basis. I was able to redirect more of my mental/emotional energy to those things that are truly most important to make a lasting impact rather than those things which society/culture has told me are most important.