If you are having health challenges, relationship turbulence or are simply seeking heart led guidance about a decision you are facing an Akashic Soul Session is an opportunity to hear your inner voice coming through someone else to give you confidence to move forward by making decision regarding the choices in front of you. As humans our life is composed of each choice we make. Non-action is still a choice!

Often after a session people respond they already knew the answers However, with an outside side source corroborating their intuition they feel ready to take the next step: use conscious uncoupling to end an relationship, begin an honest conversation with loved ones to build stronger relationships, begin a new career path, stay in their current career.

Ummm... ok, what I experience as the facilitator during a session is rather esoteric. I act as a pathway for you to ask clarifying questions of your highest self where the root of your intuition resides. This fundamental piece of your being is in relationship will every being around you. I relate the Akasha to a wonderful tapestry. Think of every person and being connected to one another throughout the woven beauty. When we go into your personal session we are going to the tassel on the edge of the tapestry to find the thread which is all of you. We follow your thread through the interconnectedness of all beings throughout the oneness to find you- in this moment

While in the records you're able to ask questions of your cosmic team with knowledge from the point of creation to get a bit more clarity or support for your current life. I cannot stress enough they support you to make your own choices. They love and care for you every moment of every day. Since our societal norms have taught us to listen to others, follow the leader, putting on a fake smile even if we feel like pieces of ourselves are dying by the suffocation we are disconnected from the deepest pieces of ourselves.  

There are many ways to enter this sacred space and I am here to support you while you become reacquainted with your authentic self.