If you are having health challenges, relationship turbulence or are simply seeking heart led guidance about a decision you are facing a Soul Session or BeFree breathwork session is an opportunity to hear your inner voice coming through with confidence to move forward by making a decision regarding the choices in front of you.

As humans our life is composed of each choice we make. Non-action is still a choice!

While in the Soul Session you are able to ask questions of your cosmic team to get clarity or support for your current life. I cannot stress enough they support you to make your own choices. They love and care for you every moment of every day. Since our societal norms have taught us to listen to judgment, follow the leader, put on a fake smile as we feel pieces of ourselves dying- many people in our society are disconnected from the deepest pieces of themselves. BeFree Breathwork is a great starting point to become reacquaint with your authentic self by going within to find where your body may be holding past experiences which are shaping how to respond to your current life.

Often after a session people respond they already knew the answers. However, with an outside source corroborating their intuition they feel ready to take the next step: use conscious uncoupling to end a relationship, begin an honest conversation with loved ones to build stronger relationships, begin a new career path, stay in their current career- each person has a unique experience.

We experience times in our lives where we simply need to be seen and held in loving compassion without perceived judgement or external input (words, opinions, thoughts). A Reiki session can be the perfect way to support your body energetically be allowing yourself to be still while getting reacquainted mindfully your breath while you dive within. This hands on energetically grounding time can help to slow down your nervous system, release tension or just to give your body and mind a mini vacation. 

There are many ways to enter this sacred space. I am here to support you while you become reacquainted with your authentic self.